Fleet Management Programs

Equipment Cost Pie GraphEstimates show that only 15-20% of total equipment operation costs are tied to the initial purchase price of the unit itself. Maintenance, downtime, crisis management, fuel costs, damages, and other intangible costs account for the other 80-85%, making it important to organize and coordinate these elements. It is for this reason that Lonestar Forklift offers a comprehensive fleet management system to support your business in strategic and economic decisions regarding your fleet of equipment.

Our fleet management systems can be customized to your needs, as our team works with you to present a comprehensive system that addresses all of your core needs. Each system is created with the goal of improving your day to day operations while saving you money. Contact us today for a free consultation!

The Benefits

At Lonestar Forklift, mobile and materials handling equipment is our specialty. When you opt into one of our fleet management systems, you can rely on our years of experience while you focus on the day to day operations of your business. We’re here to assist in making responsible long-term decisions and provide ease of ownership for all of your equipment. When you utilize our fleet management systems, you’ll see the following benefits:

5 Reasons to Use a Fleet Management ProgramOptimum Turnover Time – Our fleet management software works to determine the optimum turnover time for each unit in your fleet. By determining this period of time for your unit, you’ll be able to replace your unit before maintenance and intangible costs rise above what you would be spending on newer equipment.

Increased Uptime – We increase your uptime by providing total or preventative maintenance programs based on your needs. This reduces the chance of equipment breakdowns and virtually eliminates major component repairs.

Monetary Savings – We streamline your equipment costs, resulting in one monthly payment that is easy to track and account for. This fixed operating expense also helps you avoid any major capital outlays or surprises, keeping your budget stable and consistent.

Enhanced Productivity – Our fleet management programs enhance your productivity by offering additional rental programs to assist with peak seasons. Our team will ensure that your downtime is kept to an absolute minimum, providing loaner units while your unit is down for maintenance or repairs.

More Time – We save you time by reducing the amount of supervision and monitoring you need to perform on your equipment. Our fleet management software provides you with complete data management, accounting services, and allows you to view all equipment at multiple locations through the push of a button.

Increased Safety – By replacing old and outdated equipment with the latest units, we increase the safety of your site. Newer equipment often features enhanced safety features and a more streamlined design that increases visibility and reduces the chance of incidents. This updated equipment also allows you to remain compliant with changing emissions standards.

Our Four-Step Process

Lonestar Forklift Fleet Management StrategyStep 1: The Initial Inspection – Before implementing a fleet management program, our team starts with a detailed inspection at no cost and no commitment. This helps us to understand the needs for your site and address any specific challenges you may be facing.

Step 2: Fleet Audit – Next, we assess your entire fleet. This helps us identify any surplus or under-utilized equipment. We then assess the life cycle costs of each machine in your fleet to determine their optimal turn over time.

Step 3: Recommendations – Once our inspection and audit has been completed, we provide you with a list of recommendations that covers equipment specifications, turn over time for outdated equipment, and service/training schedules. Equipment specifications cover everything from mast and fork profiles to tire options and recommended fuel types for each unit in your fleet. We also provide a list of safety recommendations that helps to ensure the safety of your employees, your equipment, and the products you move.

Step 4: Implementation – Once these recommendations have been made, our team works with you to implement each suggested change. Cost control, data management, ease of ownership services, and fleet management cost reporting are all examples of the services we can implement for your business. Contact our team today to set up a free initial inspection!

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