Used Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines from Lonestar Forklift

Cleaning is a necessary part of all industries, so we believe it should be simple to manage. Lonestar Forklift is here to help. We can source a wide variety of different sweeper and scrubber machines to match your cleaning needs. There is a perfect cleaning machine out there for every industry—let us help you find yours.

If You Have a Flat Surface, It Needs to Be Cleaned

Every floor or flat walking surface needs to be cleaned in some way or another. Rest easy knowing that the range of sweeper, scrubber, and combination machines available through Lonestar Forklift’s used equipment division are of the highest quality. Meet every industry’s cleanliness requirements with ease so you can keep on working.

Determine What Type of Sweeper or Scrubber You Need

Struggling to determine the perfect cleaning machine for your application? Not sure which type of industrial floor cleaning machine will get the job done efficiently? Give one of our reps a call and they will walk you through the various types of cleaning machines available. First, they will walk you through a series of questions to determine which type of cleaning machine you need:

  1. What is the approximate size of debris particles you need to clean?
  2. What are some qualities of the debris (is it wet, dry, dusty, etc.)?
  3. How much dirt and debris are generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?
  4. What type of floor surface do you need to clean?
  5. What is your definition of “clean”?

Types of Sweeper and Scrubber Machines:

  • Walk-Behind Sweeper
  • Ride-On Sweeper
  • Walk-Behind Scrubber
  • Ride-On Scrubber
  • Walk-Behind Sweeper/Scrubber
  • Ride-On Sweeper/Scrubber

Easy Maintenance

It’s important to regularly service your cleaning equipment. If you want to provide your industry with the cleanest solutions possible, your brushes and sponges need to be in great condition all the time. That’s why cleaning equipment manufacturers have made it so simple to replace parts. Enjoy features like tool-free maintenance and plug-in style parts. Save time and money on maintenance costs with simple do-it-yourself fixes. Just call one of the 7 Lonestar Forklift dealers in Texas to order your parts, and the rest is easy!

Browse our available inventory online below. Need something specific? Call your closest Lonestar Forklift branch to learn more about our industrial floor cleaning machine options.

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