Why Training?

We take safety seriously. If you are operating equipment of any kind we believe you should be properly trained prior to doing so. Proper MEWP, telehandler, and forklift safety training will reduce accidents in the workplace, reduce personal injury, and reduce damage to products and the working environment. Our available training classes meet the highest safety standards and follow requirements from OSHA and ANSI.

So why should you invest in training?

  • Successfully meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • Maintain a sense and culture of safety amongst your colleagues and worksites
  • Ensure all operators are trained to the same level with the same foundation of knowledge

Why Train with Lonestar Forklift?

Why Train With Lonestar?

Knowledgeable Instructors – Our curriculum has been developed by the most experienced operators. You can rest easy knowing that you are receiving training from someone who has actually used the equipment in an application similar to you.

Classes for All Learning Styles – We understand not everyone learns the same way. Some people prefer to read or listen to information. Some people need private, one-on-one training. Others thrive in a group classroom environment. The Lonestar Forklift operator training division can provide multiple options to satisfy these different learning styles.

Flexible Schedules – Not every work schedule allows for time off with short notice. We offer a variety of course styles that can be easily worked into your schedule.

Online Training Portal – The online training portal can be easily customized to fit your company’s branding to create a more personal training experience. This is also an easy way to manage your employee’s training history to ensure all safety training is up to date.

Types of Training

Boom Lift Learn the safest way to operate a boom lift. In this course you will learn how to safely navigate around a site with this piece of equipment, how to lift and lower someone in the basket, and how to reduce accidents related to a boom lift.

Forklift Our forklift classes covers all topics related to decreasing workplace accidents, increasing operator safety, and protecting your colleagues and work site. Learn proper walk-around inspections, how to manage a load, as well as how to safely drive a forklift around a work site.

Scissor Lift Learn how to carefully navigate through obstacles in a work site while maintaining the highest level of safety with this training course. This course also covers topics such as managing stability of a scissor lift, different scissor lift components, and safe start-up and shut-down procedures.

Telehandler This course teaches you the fundamentals of how to operate and drive a telehandler. Cover topics such as how to properly maneuver a load, different telehandler components, and how to manage machine stability.

Online We offer over 200 online training courses to help you meet all safety requirements. These courses are perfect for someone who needs a flexible training solution.

Blended Certain operator certifications have a practical in-class component that is required by law. With blended training you can complete the theoretical portion online from the comfort of your own home, and then complete the practical portion at your closest Lonestar Forklift branch.

Training Locations

We have 7 available locations throughout Texas that can provide you with operator training options. For blended training courses you can complete the theoretical training online from home and then select one of the following locations for your practical component: