Forklift Certification and Safety Training

Safe, efficient operation of equipment is crucial to the success of any operation. Regardless of the application, it’s imperative that employees and operators are trained in the best safety practices for all aspects of their job to keep incidents to an absolute minimum. To accomplish this training, Lonestar Forklift provides one of the most extensive selections of classes and training formats in the country. From physical safety and First Aid, to specialized job skills involving driving, excavating, training and managing others, we’re here for all of your training requirements. Our courses are also designed to adhere to all relevant ANSI & OSHA standards.

Why Book Training with Lonestar Forklift?

  • Convenience – Learn where and when it works best for you. Many courses can also be taken at your own pace, allowing you to learn at a rate that’s comfortable for you.

  • Speed – Most courses can be completed in only 60-120 minutes! This enables you to get back to work in less time than other training options.

  • Training Options – In class, online, or blended learning allows you to choose an option that best suits your schedule and needs.

  • Easy Management – Receive reminders for staff re-evaluations so you can plan for training in advance.

  • Industry & Safety Experts – Our safety trainers have the experience and expertise required to serve a large variety of industries and applications.

  • Extensive Course Catalog – Choose from 200+ courses on a variety of topics including safety, equipment operation, first aid, and much more.