Used Yard Spotter Trucks

Lonestar Forklift is proud to offer a wide variety of used terminal tractors. Whether you call it a yard spotter truck, terminal tractor, yard jockey, port tractor, terminal tractor, or a yard dog, we know exactly what you mean and have the right options available for your application.

We understand the important of having a great quality yard truck; that’s why we only stock the very best trucks. Whether you are looking for a late-model unit or an ex-fleet truck, our representatives will be able to find you the perfect terminal tractor. All it will take is a quick phone call to discuss your workload and application needs.

How to Determine the Right Terminal Tractor for Your Application

With so many different models and brands of used terminal tractors on the market, it can be difficult to determine the best truck for your application. One call to one of our used equipment representatives will help you pick the perfect yard spotter. They will guide you through the following series of questions to narrow down their search:

  1. How many hours per day will you be running your yard spotter?
  2. What environment will you be running your yard spotters in?
  3. Do you have any specific DOT requirements?
  4. What type of budget are you working with for your used yard spotter purchase?

Yard Spotter Truck Benefits

Elevating 5th Wheel – The main purpose of a yard spotter truck is to make moving trailers around distribution yards and terminals faster. The elevating 5th wheel that lifts the trailer allows the operator to quickly move the yard spotter into place, lift the trailer, and drive away. This reduces the number of times an operator must get in and out of the truck because they no longer need to manually lift and lower the landing gear. This saves operators hours of time, reduces physical stress on the body, and increases productivity.

DOT Specific Brands – Depending on your application, the type of product you are moving, or where you are transporting the product to, you may need a DOT certified terminal tractor. Lonestar Forklift is proud to sell several brands of terminal tractors that meet these DOT requirements.

Contact a representative from one of our 7 Lonestar Forklift locations today to learn more about our available yard spotter truck inventory or browse our online inventory below!

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