Training Classes Available

Lonestar Forklift offers a wide variety of operator and safety training courses. Before you operate any type of equipment you need to be trained and certified to OSHA and ANSI standards. Lonestar Forklift, located in Texas, has curated an extensive list of available training courses to help reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace.

From online courses to blended training solutions, Lonestar Forklift can assist you with maintaining your safety knowledge when it comes to operating equipment. Certain laws require equipment operators to undergo practical assessments before they can become fully certified. That’s why we have created OSHA forklift, MEWP/AWP, and telehandler blended training options to help you easily become a certified operator. Complete the theoretical portion of the certification online and then come to your closest Lonestar Forklift location to complete your practical assessment.

OSHA and ANSI Certified Training

Did you know that we offer OSHA and ANSI rated forklift training? Safety is our top priority, and the organizations OSHA and ANSI set the highest safety standards. That’s why we meet their safety criteria in every training course possible. Our MEWP/AWP (scissor lift and boom lift), telehandler, and forklift training certification courses meet all of OSHA and ANSI’s safety standards. Rest assured when you train with Lonestar Forklift, you are receiving training with the highest levels of safety.

Custom Safety Training Tracking System

Let us do the administrative work for you. Spend less time monitoring and managing your personal, or your team’s, training when you choose Lonestar Forklift as your training provider. We can handle the administrative details of your training completed with us, so you don’t have to.

We can provide you with a custom online safety training tracking system that allows you to track and manage your various certifications more easily than paper copies of records that could get lost. You’ll never forget to renew your certifications as the training portal will notify you when your employee’s certification is nearing its expiry date. You can even brand the safety training tracking system to your company logo and colors to personalize your training experience.

We hold your training records for 7 years in case you ever need proof of records. At any time, you can reach out and request hard copies of your training records.

We strive to have the best safety training possible. Let us know if you have any unique training needs and we will be happy to create a custom solution for you. Browse our available training courses or call one of our seven Lonestar Forklift locations to register today!