Used Forklifts

Lonestar Forklift is proud to carry a large inventory of used forklifts. We offer many forklift types, from small indoor cushion tire to heavy-duty pneumatic. Finding the right forklift is simple—just call your closest Lonestar Forklift location. We have 7 locations to serve you throughout the state of Texas: Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Longview, San Antonio, and Midland. One of our experienced sales reps will be happy to find you the perfect piece of equipment for your application.

How to Pick Your Perfect Used Forklift

  1. How many hours per day will you be running your forklift?
  2. What range of capacities do you need to lift?
  3. How high do you need to lift products with your forklift?
  4. What environment will your forklift be operated in?
  5. What type of budget are you working with?

Answering these 5 questions will help you, and our sales reps, determine the type of forklift you need for your application. Forklifts range in capacity anywhere from 2,200 lbs to 105,000 lbs. They can lift from as little as 12’ 6” and as high as 41’. Forklifts also come with different tire options and fuel configurations that are all specific to different applications. If you are unsure of the selections you need, your Lonestar Forklift representative will be able to help you.

Fuel Configurations

  • Propane
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Electric

Tire Options

  • Cushion Tire
  • Non-Marking Cushion Tire
  • Pneumatic Tire
  • Solid Pneumatic Tire
  • Foam-Filled Pneumatic Tire

Why Buy Used?

Great Products at Affordable Prices – Buying a used piece of equipment is a great option for many businesses. Have you been manually moving product around, wasting valuable time? Do you have a lower-use application that requires a forklift sometimes, but not all the time? Maybe the forklift you currently own doesn’t have a high enough capacity to safely support your workload. Upgrading your current workflow to include the appropriate used forklift can make a huge difference in productivity. You’ll save time and money by investing in the ideal used forklift for your application.

We Can Support Your Equipment – We stand behind our used inventory by being able to quickly provide you with after-sale service. Lonestar Forklift can order you the right parts to keep you up and running. We also offer forklift service to keep your equipment well maintained and in optimal operating condition. Buying used equipment has never been easier.

We are proud to offer forklift brands such as Hyundai, Hyster, Manitou, BYD, Carer, and Komatsu. Browse through our used forklift inventory or contact a Lonestar Forklift representative today to learn more about our available equipment selection.

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