Used Scissor Lifts from Lonestar Forklift

Buying a used scissor lift has never been easier thanks to Lonestar Forklift. These are the ideal types of equipment for working in hard-to-reach areas. Scissor lifts are incredibly compact and don’t take up much floor space. Scissor lifts are also simple to operate; if you have a new employee that will be using the equipment they can be trained properly in as little as one working day.

Big or Small, We’ve Got Them All!

Not every application demands a high-reaching scissor lift. For indoor applications, sometimes all you need is a small scissor lift. Lonestar Forklift sells a variety of different sizes of scissor lifts. Whether you need to only reach 10’ feet in the air to change a light bulb or you need to work in tall 53’ ceilings, we’ve got you covered. We support top-quality brands such as Genie, JLG, Skyjack, and Snorkel. Each of the brands offer their own selection of different platform heights and widths. With such a large variety, you’ll be able to find the perfect scissor lift for your application.

Different Types of Used Scissor Lifts

When selecting your ultimate scissor lift, choose from either an electric, diesel, or dual-fuel configuration.


Electric – Electric scissor lifts are fantastic for, but not limited to, indoor applications. If noise or emissions are a concern at your work site, an electric option is the best choice. They emit almost zero sound and don’t produce any emissions whatsoever, resulting in a cleaner working environment for your employees.

Outdoor/Rough Terrain

Diesel – Diesel powered scissor lifts provide an extra boost in power when it comes to speed and capacity. If your application requires your scissor lift to idle for long periods of time, diesel configurations use less fuel while doing so, which can save you more money in the long-term.

Dual-Fuel – If you want to ensure your scissor lift will never be down due to lack of fuel, opt for a dual-fuel configuration. This type of scissor lift runs off both gasoline and propane, and you can swap back and forth between the two power sources whenever necessary.

If you have a specific requirement for your scissor lift, let your sales representative know and they can narrow their search to find you the right machine.

Lonestar Forklift is your source for finding the best deals when it comes to used scissor lifts. We have locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Longview, San Antonio, Austin, and Midland to assist you with finding the ideal used scissor lift. Call today to learn more about different equipment options or browse our online inventory below!

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